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Home Anatomy Scribes
Scribe Date Lecturer Additional Information
Introduction to the muscular system, arthrology, and movement 21-Aug Shaw Upper Extremity&Thorax
Organization and of Upper Extremity 22-Aug Beale  
Osseofibrous tunnels, synovial sheathe, and bursa 24-Aug Vidic  
Embryo Review 25-Aug Beale  
Intro to Radiographic imaging: 28-Aug Mitra  
Development of Lungs and Cardiovascular System 31-Aug Beale  
Thorax 31-Aug Khan  
Thorax/X-rays 1-Sep Vidic/ Khan  
Congenital Malformation of Heart and Blood Vessels and Treatments 5-Sep Colon  
Review 7-Sep Vidic  
Clinical Applications of the Anatomy of the Thorax 7-Sep Jumper  
The Mammary Gland 8-Sep Khan  
Triangles of Head and Neck 18-Sep Dalley Head and Neck
Lymphatic System of the Neck 19-Sep Vidic  
Skull and Facial Muscle 21-Sep Lee  
Case Studies 25-Sep Cordero  
cross sectional anatomy for head and neck 26-Sep Vidic  
Meninges, CNS Blood Supply, CSF System, Cranial Nerves 28-Sep    
Orbit / Development of Face, Nose, and Pharynx 29-Sep Lee/ Beale  
Cranial Nerves 2-Oct Vidic  
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): Sympathetic and Parasympathetic 3-Oct Vidic  
Development of the Eye and Ear 9-Oct Beale  
Anatomy Clinical Cases II: Head and Neck 10-Oct Cordero  
Cross Sectional Anatomy of Head and Neck 12-Oct Vidic  
review 12-Oct Vidic  
review 16-Oct Vidic  
review 16-Oct Shaw  
Development and Anomalies of the GI tract 17-Oct Beale Abdomen
Abdominal Viscera and Vasculature 19-Oct Ravnik  
Review of the Abdomen and cross sectional anatomy 30-Oct Ravnik  
Abdominal Surgery 31-Oct Griswold  
Sex Determination 2-Nov Beale  
Abdominal spaces and recesses 3-Nov Ravnik  
The Pelvis 6-Nov Chilton P&P and lower extremity
Pelvic and Perineal Layers and Diaphram, Ischio-Rectal Fossa 7-Nov Chilton  
Review of Pelvis 10-Nov Vidic  
Clinical Case Review of Pelvis and Perineum 13-Nov Chilton  
P&P Cross Sectional Anatomy 13-Nov Chilton  
Development, Anomalies, and Organization of the Lower Extremity 14-Nov Beale  
Cross Sectional Anatomy (and CT scans) 17-Nov Ravnik/Chilton  
Gait 28-Nov Zumwalt  
Review: The Lower Extremity 30-Nov Dalley  
Pelvis and Perineum Review 30-Nov Chilton  
Abdominal Nerves and Abdominal & Peritoneal Development 30-Nov Beale/ Ravnik